One of the many advantages of WordPress is the ease of completely changing the face of your site through Theming. Currently, there are millions of companies that design WordPress themes as their business all of which ultimately serve to save you time when it comes to setting up your own site. Simply checkout any of the dozens of theme brokering sites out there (we predominantly use Themeforest) and see what they have to offer. Here are some things to consider.

  1. Make sure the theme you choose has been vetted: The more sales of your desired theme, the better;  The longer the theme developer has been around, the better; The more consistently the theme developers come out with updates, the better; The higher their review rating, the better.
  2. Stick to the classics. Novelty has its place, but for the most part one theme compared to the next has less to do with the final esthetic of your site than the content you fill it with. Do a quick search for the top 100 wordpress themes and stick to those (provided your business isn’t so niche that the functional needs of your site are so out of the box that choosing a theme that isn’t specific to your niche will land you in plugin hell). Colorlib is an excellent source for up to date advice on trending WP Theme’s and practices.
  3. Use a theme that includes a child theme. If you dont know what this is, checkout this article. It’s not that hard to create a child theme, but with all the theme options out there that include it, why spend your own time on it?!
  4. Know from the get go that you should change your theme at least every 2 years. The name of today’s SEO game has EVERYTHING to do with consistently providing new and useful content that people are responding to and helping to spread the word. This means appearances matter. if you let your site stay the same for too long, its only a matter of time before you look dated or that the people who frequently visit your site get bored of it. KEEP IT FRESH
  5. APPRECIATE that WordPress enables you to essentially keep all of your content but make what looks like a BRAND NEW website as easy as updating your theme and reconnecting all the dots to your new site map!

Check out our last WordPress DIY part 1 if you missed it and check back here often to benefit from our weekly commitment to dropping knowledge bombs! CHEERS-

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