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Our goal is to work directly with our client’s every step of the way to promote their business and brand according to their vision. By creating a brand bible, and promoting best practices for your business, we empower our clients to either take the reins themselves or let us handle things for a retainer. Either way, we guarantee that our clients will see a growth in the reach of their brand online like they’ve never seen before!

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Marketing & Social Services

Branding & Identity

We help our clients figure out who they are as a brand and how they’d like to be represented online. In the digital age, your customers first impression will more than likely be through a website or social media page. The key is making sure that first impression is a positive one.

SEO Strategy

The most likely way a new customer will find you is through a search on Google or other search engine. We put your company above the competition by providing the right keywords and content in high trafficked areas.

Digital Campaign management

The right digital ad can help your brand reach thousands for fractions of the cost of traditional advertising outlets.

Social Media

One of the easiest ways to connect with your ideal customer is through social media. BMUSED creates and executes social media strategies tailored specifically to those customers. Our 24/7 monitoring on your accounts assures that customers will feel heard and engaged with your brand. We put entertaining and brand centric content in front of the people most likely to spend money.


Marketing strategy timeline


 A minimum 100% increase of social reach 


Dedicated support

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